R-sleek hardware massage

R-Sleek Massage Dubai

R-Sleek is the latest type of a hardware massage. Its principle is based on the vibration-compression technique, which means that the study of problem zones occurs due to compression (pressure with an applicator, weighting two kilograms) and micro-vibration (produced by the rotation of special rollers). Therefore, the impact on the body due to special “pulsating compressions” makes it possible to reach the deepest subcutaneous layers and helps to get rid of excess body fat. Usually these layers remain intact during manual massages and sports.

The device for R-sleek procedure consists of 10 rows of symmetrically arranged rollers that improve the flow of biological fluids at the tissue level (blood flow through vessels and capillaries, lymph flow and other fluid and substance circulation throughout all intercellular spaces).

You can get detailed information about contraindications during consultation with a specialist in our HappyBody Studio in Dubai.